Sidbank Doctor’s Choice. The best varieties from the father of autoflowers

The cannabis seed market and california mmj card online took a dramatic turn when breeder Joint Doctor introduced Lowryder, the first high-THC autoflowering strain of cannabis to the world. Using his genes, breeders from all over the world bred thousands of autoflowering marijuana varieties. More than a decade has passed since then and today, impressive results have been achieved in this direction! Sidbank Doctors Choice is a vivid confirmation of that! With a modest range, it is still difficult to make a choice and you want to try everything. The father of autoflowers – Joint Doctor presents his best developments under the new brand – Doctor’s Choice!

Doctor’s Choice #1

The leader of the list intrigues with its genetic set! The spirit of cannabis legalization activist Jack Herrera, carries a box of good old Skunk. The LR admixture only shows up in auto-flowering, never once hinting at itself in effect. It is an invigorating wave of positivity, euphoric and congenial. At the same time, the power of the effect makes you feel the indica’s presence, allowing you to feel every cell of your body! Ideal for yoga or something hotter, the fourth hour of tripping can pleasantly surprise with the properties of an aphrodisiac!

Doctors Choice 1 begin to bloom on day 20-25 and are ready to harvest after 70-90 days. During this time they actively occupy the space around them and can reach a meter and a half in height. The plants produce a huge number of resinous inflorescences. A grower who provides them with proper light and nutrition will cut off the branches, which have become one enormous boll!

The Devotchka variety of cannabis

Autoflowering Devotchka is a sativa hybrid of AK-47 and Haze. Its genetics are vividly reflected in the structure of its plants, which grow in a meter long stem with several accompanying branches. The main cola is guaranteed to amaze the “gardener” with its size, mass and shaggy from the protruding stigmas. The side heads of the bushes are not much inferior either. A nice feature is the increased production of resin. The girl glistens mesmerizingly with glints of light from thousands of white crystals. All thanks to the huge number of trichomes, with which even the leaves, some branches and part of the stem are covered! The mature buds have a sweet cherry scent and can be harvested after only 80-90 days. Yields in optimal outdoors conditions are up to 70-100 grams per fir tree or 400-600 grams/m2 in indoors.


Unpack your hydroponics machine! Let the nutrient solution bubbles in it, as water bubbles in the beautiful Niagara Falls! Let it feed the insatiable daughter of the special phenotype of White Widow and Lowryder!

The Niagara variety loves to eat and drink. Except that her roots are in dire need of freedom, and her greens need a quality tan! It’s only by covering its needs and making sure it lives in comfort that a grower can count on a generous reward of 150 grams per plant.

It has a staggering indie effect! The body becomes heavy, the legs get tired, and there is no energy left to fight the urge to sack out on the couch. And there’s no reason to. The tsunami of total relaxation sweeps away all worries and stresses. Under its onslaught the pains recede, and the word insomnia ceases to exist! Chic nightcap! Recommended!

Rock Machine

Rock Machine is named after the famous biker club from Montreal, Canada, the hometown of the creator of this strain. Even though Rock Machine has such a loud name, its potency has gone far beyond the most serious ganja you could get from those bikers! The mix of Afghani, Northern Lights and Lowryder eloquently promises to smear you on the couch. However, why endlessly imagine what could be, if you can enjoy the process of grooving and then personally experience the knockout effect of indica!

In comfortable conditions they will grow wide and reach 150 centimeters in height. During the 60 days of flowering, the bushes will produce a large number of hard-shelled, resin-soaked buds. During harvesting in the outdoors, the scale will show 100-150 grams per plant.